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Resources OnLine

Lycos Image Gallery - Search the Lycos gallery, or the entire web
Ditto - Another excellent graphics search
Excite Image Gallery
Stock Photo Websites
Animal pictures
Lots of links to free images
Icon Library
Gif Wizard compression online
Andover Net's MediaBuilder -Fonts, animations, optimizer +
Water, Fish And SCUBA Related Clipart
WebSpice - build complete graphic sets, over 2 million graphics & animations, FP Themes
The GIF Wizard - Compress GIFs & JPGs up to 90%. Online!
Designed to a T - Really nice retro-ish clip art

iSyndicate - Web content providers
SiteMiner - Search engine for your site
Pico Search - Another free search engine

Java & Javascript
Javascript Resize - Resize browser window to check your page at specified resolutions.
Java Boutique
- Java applets, tutorials, +
JavaScript Boutique - Java scripts
Sun MicroSystems' Java - My hero, Duke™. He just thinks; therefore he is.
IBM's Java - good search engine for applets

Reference & Tutorials
GoTo Suggestions - Fantastic for choosing words & phrases to target
HTMLGoodies - Dr. Joe Burns, PhD. Code, tutorials, conferences. GREAT place.
HTML Writers Guild Resources - links to all sorts of information & resources
HotWired's WebMonkey - How-to guide for web developers
Glass Dog DesignORama - A lot of info. But like GlassDog itself, gorgeous.
Devhead - ZDnet's resource place.
Flash Central Developers' Source - for Macromedia Flash designers
i-US - Tutorials, graphics, software sales
HTML Tag Reference - All HTML tags: usage, examples.
HTML - advanced reference source
HTML Teacher - Complete HTML Teacher
Web Developer - Dr. Website, HTML, java, script & much more
Unraveling the Mysteries of Merchant Credit Card Accounts for Web Commerce
How to get your own Merchant Accounts
Training Tools
Help for small businesses online
The TopoZone
Cybia Photoshop Resources
Doc Ozone Hands On Tutorials
HELP.com - C|net's Computer & technology HELP database

Designers' ToolKit
Net Mechanic - Power Tools for your website
Website Garage - Website tune up
Dr. HTML - Website analysis
RankThis - Check your site's ranking on search engines
The search engine for webmakers (powered by AltaVista)
Savvy Search Rank - Check your URL's ranking on several search engines
Kresch Resources
Listing Checker - Check if URL has been added to a particular index
Font Addict Webring - I confess, I are one
Font Lover Webring - I rest my case
Website navigation tools
The Connected Office - You don't all have to share a room. Or a country.
WebSideStory - Statmarket, HitBox Tracker, tutorials...invaluable tools
Web Snapshot - More statistics
RGB Color Chart - Just what was that shade's hex code?
Clear Ink's Palette Man - Cool for what it DOES (HEX palettes for entire site) and how its done
Confessions of a Font Junkie - links to 1,000s of font repositories
AlphaBeta Fonts
The Dreamweaver Resources
HotMetal Pro
Adobe's Photoshop
Photoshop Resources
More Photoshop Resources - Plugins & more
The Action Exchange - Photoshop Actions
i-us Photoshop Actions
General Multimedia Search Engines
Privacy Statement Wizard
VCalendar - Great for schedules, etc. But not cheap.

Translation Services Online
InterTran - Translator from/to several different languages
Alta Vista's Babelfish translator
European translation service
Savvy Search - many translators and a great search tool

W3C's XML proposal reference
Web Review's XHTML conversion online - link to TIDY, the XHTML editor
XML content

Registrars - Domain Names, SSL Secure Certificates
The Definitive Domain Whois - The NSI Registry
Domain names - Great place to find available, suitable domains
ICANN's accredited Domain registrars
Joker - Domain registration at a GOOD price
VeriSign - Sercure server certificates (must have for online credit card sales)
Thawte - Digital certificate services
AllWhois - Search for any domain name listed anywhere
TargetDomain - Try the Name Wizard

Just Plain Useful
mURL - Designers use more than one computer. With more than one browser.               Convert ALL your bookmarks and keep them online. FREE!
WWW Law, Law Enforcement and Justice
Modem Speed Test Page
Certified E-Mail - Security & tracking for email
Microsoft's own Windows keyboard shortcuts
InfoSpace - phone # to address and more
Salary Calculator - Moving? How much you must earn to maintain lifestyle. Cool!
Calculator.com - ALL types of online calcs.
FindLaw - Legal everything portal (and free FAX service)
Savvy's financial metasearch - Metasearch to all sorts of financial information
The New York Times E-Commerce Edition
The PC Support Center
Pay Bills Online
Snap's Live Directory

Stress Relief
The Useless Knowledge Repository - Totally addictive if you love trivia
The Java Arcade - Dozens of really fun online games. Take a Break!
Serial Killer Bureau - True crime. Live police scanners (RealAudio). Work out your agressions.
The JigZone - Jigsaw puzzles online
The Dialectizer - Convert text or HTML into ummmmmm... dialects?
Brain Teasers
The Flying Cow - Internet Explorer only

Duke, Sun's Java logo (tm)
Adobe Photoshop
Dreamweaver 2

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