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There's a Lot More to a Website than E-Commerce

In fact, for a small business or localized one, there are much better reasons!

  Although selling a product online is probably the most obvious reason to put your business online, it is certainly not the only one. And very likely, for many smaller or very regional businesses, not even the best reason to go to the expense in both time and money required to implement and maintain a successful web presence.
But even for a small business, there are some very good reasons to have an online presence.

Customer support - answering phones, responding to written requests, detailing product or service information, advising, advertising, alerting, and so on and so on... these things all take time.
  Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to offer all this and more, any time, day or night? In effect, becoming a 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk, 365 days/yr business? And save man-hours at the same time?
  Implementing an effective website can (and should) do this for you. Featuring your website's address in your other advertising media alerts customers and potential customers that your site is probably a very good place to seek information. Anytime they want it, not just "during normal business hours".
  Your business's success depends on your ability to satisfy your customers' needs, both before and after a sale. You want them to be your customer next time, too. A well-planned site includes answers to the most frequently asked questions (ask your employees who answer the phones - they can list them for you) and product information and updates, reviews, new products, trouble-shooting guides, email links to specific departments in your organization, the ways of contacting your company... anything your customers might want or need to know.
  Providing this information online is a service that can make yours the company customers choose to do business with. By providing reliable and regularly updated information relating to your services and products, you give the visitor to your site a reason to visit often, and no reason to look on a competitor's site.

Branding - Creating your company's image
  Your website conveys the image of your company - that much-hyped concept of "branding". By having an effective website, you tell the public that your company stays at the forefront of technology, and is interested in keeping its customers well-informed and happy.
  The website IS your company; how it looks and how well it presents information is how the public will think of your company.
  That's where we come in. ScyGraphics is proud of its portfolio and of our own satisfied clients. We've been designing online presences since 1996. Years of experience and training. A clientbase happy to have you tour their sites.

Revenue Building - How your site can increase revenue
  "It's not what you know, but who you know...and who knows you." Your website is a highly cost-effective way of telling millions of people what it is your company does, and how to contact you when they need your services or products.
  Keep in mind, people online are a highly desirable demographic for your business to reach. They tend to be financially secure, above average in education, and technically savvy.
  You may decide to now or in the future sell products online (e-commerce), but that's certainly not the only way a website generates revenue. Your site is a great way to gather prospective customers. Before a person decides to buy from YOUR business, he needs to know about you, about your company, and what you can do for him.
  By providing all information online, you not only give people a reason to come TO your site, you also give them a reason to look no further.
  Remember: your competitor is just one mouse-click away.

Saving Money - the cost per "eyeball" (your cost averaged over the number of people who see your site) is very cost-effective on the internet. (read "cheap" here)   Your site can save time, in disseminating time-sensitive informatiom, making new information available, and in customer support turn-around time. With all your sales and support information online, customers can seek answers online, saving tech-suppport & sales force time.

Lower advertising costs - The internet is a cost-efficient means of reaching millions of people, perhaps your next new customer. All the above benefits aren't, of course, without some requirements on your part.
   Launching your business's website requires from you a committment to be quickly responsive to all correspondence, and to continually update and enhance your site. Netizens are conditioned to expect immediate feedback and the most current information possible.

  ScyGraphics will work with you, giving you the benefit of our years of experience online, advising you on ways to make your website useful to your customers..and invaluable to you. We encourage you to look through the our gallery of sites before making your decision. If you require further information, please email or call us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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